Fulton Mall: The Future

    Improving the Fulton Mall is the the City of Fresno’s number one priority in revitalizing downtown Fresno. I talked about the deteriorating condition of the Fulton Mall in this blog post. The Advisory Committee for the Fulton Corridor Specific Plan (FCSP), nominated three options for the future of the Fulton Mall. After the environmental review process, the City Council is expected to adopt an option next year. The new Fulton is expected to... Read More

FCSP: Fulton Mall Option 1

  OPTION 1: RECONNECT FORMER STREET GRID ON TRADITIONAL STREETS (Edited 9/19/12). Photo depiction of Option 1. Crosswalks are placed every half a block and provide space for existing art features. Pruned trees and better signage make store fronts more visible. The sidewalks are wide enough for outdoor seating and pedestrian traffic. Cars can park in front of stores. The facades once covering the upper floors of buildings have been taken down. More street lighting... Read More

FCSP: Fulton Mall Option 2

  OPTION 2: RECONNECT STREET GRID WITH VIGNETTES Visual depiction of Option 2. Shows what an newly-paved street and a vignette will look like. For each vignette, there will be no parking allowed. The vignettes display the old design of the Mall. Street lighting will be improved, store signage will be more visible and the facades of upper floors will be taken down to make more residential and offices available. Features Vehicular traffic going both ways. Six... Read More

FCSP: Fulton Mall Option 3

  OPTION 3: RESTORE AND COMPLETE THE ORIGINAL VISION OF THE FULTON MALL Visual depiction of Option 3. It appears that the original concrete is still intact. Trees will be better pruned to make store fronts more visible to pedestrians. New signage stick out and be more visible. Lighting is updated but still maintain a historic character. The facades on the upper floors are taken down, making more space available for residential and offices. Features Fulton Mall... Read More