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I started That Fresno Blog with a lot of ambition but little direction. I wrote about Fresno’s events, businesses, artists, bloggers, community activists, history… the list goes on. It was too much for one person.

Since starting That Fresno Blog, I have learned that blogging is about sharing your own voice. 

I am a commercial real estate broker who is passionate about their hometown. It makes sense to use my blog to discuss real estate with a community-minded perspective. To me, this means being personable, being a visionary, sharing the communities’ stories, providing research, and, ultimately, writing in a way that is easy-to-read.



What can you expect with the new That Fresno Blog?

Real Estate with a Twist

I will be focusing on the thing I know best, real estate. 

That Fresno Blog is an outlet for me to learn and inform others. If I am not knowledgeable and passionate about where I work, then how can I properly do my job as a real estate broker?

I won’t be posting about homes for sale or tips on how to stage your house for an open house. Other professionals do a great job talking about those things but that is not my voice. Instead, I will have different content. 

There are new categories on the blog:

Invest - I will profile people and businesses investing in Fresno. Who are the people behind a building or business? What has their experience been investing in Fresno? Big or small, I will be sharing their stories. 

Explore - Fresno is a diverse city and can be broken down to several geographical communities. What are the faces, demographics, real estate trends, and development plans for each area? I will start with areas I am more familiar with, such as downtown Fresno.

News - I can’t compete with the timely coverage of other news media outlets, but I can offer my own perspective and discuss what a news story means for the real estate world. 

City Plans - City Hall has been busy reshaping Fresno with the 2035 General Plan, opening the Fulton Mall to vehicular traffic, the new development code, etc. But what do these plans mean and how will they change real estate? I will be breaking down these city plans into an easy-to-read format and analyzing their impact. 

…With a Personal Touch

My life isn’t about real estate 24/7. I do other things — I swear. There will be regular breaks in the content where I talk about other things that I love: swing dancing, traveling, photography, and more. 

Less Events on the Blog

This was a hard decision. I have a strong desire to prove people wrong when they say there’s nothing to do in Fresno. For a while, I was compiling a weekly list of free, all-ages events. It was fun, but it distracted me from other content. From now on, I’ll keep the event coverage to the professionals.

I’m not giving up on promoting events completely. You can follow me on social media for updates on community events. Later down the road, I will include a google calendar of recurring community events and a list of resources to find out about events that interest you.



I am continuing my daily content on various social media platforms. That’s the most fun part about blogging! Every platform focuses on different content. I love posting the occasional street art photo on Instagram, or live tweeting a city council meeting on Twitter. I enjoy Tumblr for sharing what my generation is saying about Fresno. You can’t beat how easy it is to film an event or conduct a property tour on Periscope. And I’m even reviving my Facebook page!  You can click on the social media icons on the upper right hand corner of the blog. 


I’ll stop there before I get to ahead of myself. Thank you for reading and for your support. Have a lovely day in Fresno!

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I'm a commercial real estate broker at my family's business, Stumpf & Company. I started That Fresno Blog in 2011 to learn more and spread the word about my hometown, Fresno, CA. In the process, I became passionate about downtown Fresno and swing dancing. Have a lovely day in Fresno!