“Fresno is where I come back to and everything I have planned for the future is here.” Modupe on her wedding say in Nigeria in 2009. That gal is always smiling; I love it.   Meet Modupe. Modupe was born in Nigeria. She has lived all over the world, including Australia, Fiji, India, San Francisco and Fresno. Out of all the places she has lived... Read More

Nicole Hamaker, Pinch My Salt

Nicole regularly updates her fans on Facebook on photos of her latest home-cooked meals.

  “There‚Äôs really so much beauty around in Fresno if you go out and look for it.”   Nicole's blog has close to 6,000 fans on Facebook and nearly 100,000 followers on Twitter! Courtesy of Pinch My Salt. Meet Nicole Hamaker. She maintains a very successful blog called Pinch My Salt as a career. It is a food blog that appeals to food-lovers... Read More

Fresno State Students for Revitalization

President of the student body, Selena Farnesi spoke in front of City Council.

“Increasing the positive atmosphere and decreasing crime will result in more students staying, benefiting Fresno‚Äôs economy.” Fresno State students have gained the attention of the city council by attending the weekly meetings at City Hall. From left to right, Daniel Harrison, Selena Farnesi, Tommy Daly and Umaymah Asma. Source: Fresno State ASI's... Read More

Alex Tavlian, The Daily Dues

The Daily Dues is you one-stop blog for Fresno's local news, politics and sports.

“Fresno is very decentralized and is in an ugly state of sprawl.” Alex Tavlian, center, hosting the chili-eating contest at the Fresno Chile Festival.   Meet Alex Tavlian. He writes for The Daily Dues, which¬†comments and reports on the current events, politics and sports of Fresno. This Fresno native¬†attends Fresno City College and writes for... Read More