Dan Martin, Fresno Urban

Dan of stresses the importance of having a blog in Fresno, because “as residents, it is our duty to do Fresno justice.” Dan Martin of Fresno Urban. Meet Dan Martin. He created a local blog called Fresno Urban. The focus of Fresno Urban is to spread support for downtown revitalization, to help people get around downtown and to get Fresnans to use downtown... Read More

Lenny Sharlet, Engage 360

The informative paper fan I wanted to get my hands on.

Engage 360 aims at energy conservation by “hitting people with their wallet.” Member of Engage 360, Lenny Sharlet. Meet Lenny Sharlet. He is an active member of Engage 360, a community outreach programed aimed to educate people on how to save energy. By 2020, Engage 360 wants Californians to save 20 percent of our energy. I met Lenny and other members... Read More

Rose, Retired and Still Cookin’

San Francisco “is good, but not to raise a family.” Rose at the Fresno Chile Festival   Meet Rose. While retired, she spends her days cooking for friends and family. I met Rose at the Fresno Chile Festival. She struck a conversation with me as I ate, with indifference, a tamale I bought from a vendor. Well, I shouldn’t say we directly talked to... Read More

Nancy Roberts, Central Valley Prospectors

In Fresno, “there are more whiners than there are doers.” Nancy Roberts, president of Central Valley Prospectors. Meet Nancy Roberts.  She is the president of Central Valley Prospectors (CVP) in Fresno and is by far the most outgoing gal I have ever met! The goal of the club is to have fun—”and no whining”—while panning for gold.  The... Read More