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Profile: In 1898 my family came straight to Fresno from Volga River in Russia. Like my ancestors before me, I have always been content with going to school and living in Fresno. I never understood why people my age were desperate to get out of Fresno. And yet when people asked why I liked Fresno, the only response I could think of is β€œit’s convenient.” I’m a hermit and can be extremely frugal. I have done very little in Fresno and feel as if I know even less about this hometown I somehow love. Through this blog I wish to gather some guts, talk to complete strangers, become part of this community and learn to be young and slightly financially irresponsible. I graduated from Bullard High School in 2009. Soon after, I attended Fresno City College and eventually obtained my B.A. in Economics at Fresno State in spring of 2011. While I continue to dodge questions about grad school, I plan on discovering this understated city which I live in.

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