Joy and Rio, Yoshi NOW!

Yoshi NOW! is the latest in the string of stores Yoshi has opened in Fresno.

“Yoshi NOW! is a glorified flea market.” Rio, left, and Joy help run Yoshi NOW! Meet Joy Harvell and daughter Rio Harvell-Toi. They run Yoshi NOW!, located in downtown Fresno. Yoshi NOW! is the fourth and latest store Yoshi Toi has opened in Frenso. It’s your one-stop shop for everything vintage or retro, from shelves upon shelves of ceramic... Read More

Stan Kato, The Grape Tray

The Grape Tray's deli.

“The population is large in Fresno but there is still a tight-knit feeling.” Stan Kato, owner of The Grape Tray. Meet Stan Kato. Stan owns The Grape Tray, a wine cellar and sandwich shop in Fresno. When you walk in, there’s a large wine selection. In the back is a popular little deli featuring nifty gourmet-style sandwiches. Before Stan bought The... Read More

Pat Barr, Urban Salvage

There are several old, local street signs.

On downtown: “They thought that no one would come down here, but people are coming now.” Pat Barr, co-owner of Urban Salvage Meet Pat Barr.  Pat and Janet Sangster currently own Urban Salvage in the Cultural Arts District in Downtown Fresno.  Urban Salvage is a relatively new retail store filled with second-hand treasures, mostly decor. Pat has lived... Read More