Fulton Mall: Now

The Crane Empty

  The Fulton Mall is a pedestrian-only mall located on Fulton Street in Downtown Fresno. It occupies six blocks between Tuolumne and Inyo Streets. Fresno and Tulare Streets allow vehicular traffic through the mall but there is no on-street parking. The Mall is 2,670 feet long and 80-feet wide. The mall is known as an outdoor museum of art. It has 20 art features,... Read More

Downtown Fresno Real Estate Market

Security Bank

  The Pacific Southwest building (middle) was purchased by its current owner over a year ago. There are plans to renovate up to three floors into lofts. The building is currently used for offices, lofts, and banquets. The bank vault was used as an art gallery for June's ArtHop. Strategic Economics (SE) put together a market analysis report for Downtown Fresno.... Read More

Downtown Fresno Office Market Analysis

This retail center (including the Galleria) is well-supported by government employees. Most restaurants close their doors after work hours. This creates a deserted environment for visitors.

  This post is about the state of the office market in Downtown and its issues. You can read about the future demand for office space and the market’s potential, here.   CURRENT TENANT MIX Employment centers in the City of Fresno. A wide range of businesses, typically, move to major job centers, because it will increase their sales. It is difficult attracting... Read More

Downtown Fresno Office Market Potential

This building was recently renovated for small offices. There are several characteristics about this building that makes it perfect for the Cultural Arts District: it accommodates for creative businesses, it has a mural, it's located near new lofts, high visibility, and good parking.

  The following post is about the expectations Strategic Economics (SE) has made about the office market in downtown Fresno. You can read about the current state of the market, here.   POTENTIAL TENANTS View of the County Courthouse from a Pacific Southwest loft. The government will continue to occupy a huge percentage of office space in downtown. This... Read More