CArtHop Visits North Fresno


CArtHop in River Park started quietly. Photo by CArtHop.


CArtHop started about three months ago with the help of Downtown Fresno Partnership, Creative Fresno, Dusty Buns and Fresno Brewing Company, to name a few. Its first home is the north end of the Fulton Mall, every Thursday, from 10am to 2 pm.

CArtHop has added two locations, this week alone: Tuesdays in River Park Area and Saturdays at downtown Fresno’s outdoor ice rink!

CArtHop is a regular event that brings Fresno’s mobile food vendors together. According to Fresno Bee’s coverage on CArtHop, the vendors must meet the following guidelines:

Participating vendors must get all of their ingredients from California or 50% of their ingredients within 100 miles of Fresno. They also must pledge not to use genetically modified food and to use recyclable or compostable supplies such as plates.

This practice of using local produce is uncommon, here, even though Fresno County feeds 1/3 of the world population with its agricultural output every year.

There is often live music at CArtHop's events. Photo by CArtHop.




Great use of the vacant adjacent t to a highway off ramp. Photo by Mathr de Leon.


When I heard that CArtHop was adding a location in Riverpark, I pictured it in front of Edward’s Theater. Instead, it’s at a more convenient location than I thought.

The Tuesday addition of CArtHop occupies the vacant lot adjacent to the Highway 41 and Friant off-ramp (look for the Applebee’s).  North Fresno’s tallest office buildings are within walking distance.

A handful of vendors made their way to North Fresno, Tuesday. You had a choice of Dusty Buns‘ gourmet food, Tako BBQ’s Korean fusion cuisine, Casa de Tamales‘ fusion tamales, Benediction’s breakfast for the 21st century, and fried pies from Summertime Pies.




The crowd got a lot larger during the lunch hour. A lot of nearby office workers walked to the food trucks to see what was going on. Photo by Dusty Buns.


Even a small cluster of food trucks, in Fresno, can cause a stir. It was evident a lot of North Fresnans didn’t know what to think of this event. I’ve gone to Fulton Mall’s CArtHop, a few times, and was curious to see how it would do in North Fresno. It also helped I live in North Fresno and River Park is on my way to work!

I ran into my friend, Ryne, and we spent our early lunch people-watching.

We noticed an elderly lady, with a cigarette dangling from her mouth, walking along the line of food trucks. She had on a worker’s badge from a nearby office building. She then walked up to Ryne and I and asked what was going on. “Lunch,” I replied. Even with her sunglasses on, I had a sense she was rolling her eyes at me. We tried selling her on the concept of food trucks. Perhaps, she needed a break from going to Applebee’s for lunch.

She was not amused. She said the property owner would never allow food trucks. “When was the last time you every heard music in a parking lot?!” she asked in a raspy voice.

That was the first time someone ever made me feel like a dirty hippie rebelling against the social norm. She is, what I think of, “the face of Fresno.” The majority of our city, at least.

Later, we saw her warming up to the idea of CArtHop. She headed over to Casa de Tamales and spent several minutes looking over the menu. We were surprised when she quietly walked away with a tamale in hand. She even came back to try a pie at Summertime Pies! One small victory for CArtHop.



Tuesdays at River Park

10am - 2pm

Next to the Highway 41 & Friant on-and-off ramps. (Look for the Applebee’s). Map, here.

Thursdays on the Fulton Mall

10am - 2 pm

In front of Fresno Brewing Company (1243 Fulton Mall). Map, here.

Saturday Evenings at the Ice Rink

5pm - 9pm  (till January 12, 2013)

In front of the Pacific Southwest Building (1060 Fulton Mall). Map, here.



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