Papa T, ArtHop

Papa T

  “Everything is go-go-go for me, so art is a way to wind down.” Co-workers are surprised when they find out that Tony paints and draws as a hobby. Tony thinks this is because he does not have the creative persona like most artists have. Meet Tony Persons (aka Papa T). Tony is a full-time special education teacher for Clovis Unified and a part-time... Read More

Adriana Castillo, Animator and Folk Artist

By Adriana Castillo

  What Adriana likes most about Fresno is it’s small community. ”A small community helps you develop yourself as an artist and gives you the chance to bring awareness within the community,” she says. Adrian is looking for more creative work to do locally, aside from her full-time job as an animator. Here, she is sketching a promotional poster... Read More

Damaris Paz, Recent Transplant

By Damaris Paz

“You can find creative atmospheres everywhere, but you have to search for them.” Damaris Paz, 19, enjoys thrifting and walking in Fresno. Her beautiful dress is from Goodwill and her matching scarf is from a dollar store. Meet Damaris Paz. She is mixed-media artist who moved from Sileom Springs, a small town in Arkansas, to Clovis in February. Sileom Springs... Read More

Nick Dolezal, Restaurnaut

Nick Blog 2

“Don’t expect to live off of performing. You should want to play music to have fun and meet people.” Nick sings and plays the ukelele in his one-man band, Restuarnaut   Meet Nick Dolezal. Nick is a local musician from Siloam Springs, a small town of about 15,000 people in Northwest Arkansas. Nick lives in Clovis. I first met Nick at Old Town Clovis... Read More