Kelly Broyles, Bluegrass in the Park

“Bluegrass is comfort music for the soul.”

Pineridge Bluegrass Band came all the way down from Willow, California to play for Bluegrass in the Park.


Meet Kelly Broyles. He is the Vice President of the California Bluegrass Association and is the man in charge of Bluegrass in the Park. Every Friday night, from May 13th to September 9th, various bands play bluegrass and old gospel music at the Veterans Memorial Park in Clovis. This shady spot is a short walk from the Old Town Clovis Farmers Market and is the perfect place to sit down, eat the fresh items you purchased from the market and cool down from the notorious Fresno heat.



You can find people of all ages enjoying the music and the cool temperature.

Bluegrass in the Park was started by Kelly Broyles, a general contractor in Fresno, with the help of Doug Bremseth and Candy Sponhaltz. Kelly came up with the idea when Doug, a professional musician and teacher, talked about his time in North Carolina. Every Saturday night, there was live bluegrass music in the town square where Doug lived. Doug told Kelly he wished Old Town Clovis hosted live bluegrass music, too. “I didn’t see why not,” Kelly says. He approached the Clovis Senior Center representative at the time, Lyn Bawdon, to ask if he could host bluegrass concerts in the park. Kelly received the OK, and went to Doug and Candy to organize and schedule its first series of concerts. Bluegrass in the Park is in its fourth year.



This toddler had an entertaining sideshow of her own.

You’ve probably read me moan on Twitter and Facebook about how there are so many great events I’m missing out on because I’m only 20. I told Kelly I loved learning about events in the Fresno area for all ages and Bluegrass in the Park is no exception. ”A lot of people get a kick out of the music,” Kelly chimed in. “Bluegrass is comfort music for the soul and brings back happy memories for families.”

Kelly attends Bluegrass in the Park on a regular basis. He says he sees families, people of all ages and people of different ethnicities enjoying the music. Little kids have room to run around and dance while senior citizens lounge under the shade and listen to the music. “You’ll never see a fist fight at a bluegrass event,” Kelly says.

Kelly says the heat never holds people back from coming to the concerts. The Veterans Memorial Park has an abundance of trees, creating a lot of shade and a cool breeze. “Wind comes through every night and cools the place right up,” he says.



I wanted to take a photo of Inez and her friend, Ron, enjoying the music. Inez asked if I just liked old people. I didn't know my fancy was so obvious!

The “grand finale” of the concert series, King’s River Bluegrass Festival, will take place in Sanger at Hobbs Grove September 23rd to the 25th. Kelly says people all over the United States attend the festival. Some people even camp out a week early!

The Clovis Winter Bluegrass Festival will take place later this year. All proceeds from the festival go to the Clovis Senior Center.

Kelly wants people to know that the California Bluegrass Association lends instruments to their young members. Their mission is to keep bluegrass music alive for future generations. More information is on their Web site.



You can “like” Bluegrass in the Park on Facebook to get more updates. To view a complete list of upcoming bands, click here.


Have a lovely day in Fresno!

Veronica Stumpf



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  1. Alexandra says:

    Lovely post Veronica!

  2. Kelly says:

    Thanks for the Post Veronica ! We sure enjoy seeing new face’s out at the Park ! And i loved the picture’s of the Toddler! and the Older Couple! It really capture’s what we are about!

    • Veronica Stumpf says:

      Thank you, Kelly!

      I enjoyed meeting the strangers I sat by. Now I see what you mean when you were describing the concert attendees. The mischievous toddler was running around and having a blast dancing. It was lovely to watch.

      I’ll see you again later in the summer! Thank you for the interview.

  3. Janey A. Goss says:

    Are dogs (on leashes) allowed at Veterans Memorial Park (for Bluegrass in the Park)?

    • Veronica Stumpf says:

      Yes. I was there a couple of weeks ago and there was a fella who had his dog on a leash. There were no issues. In fact, it was a nice treat for the concert goers!

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