Downtown Fresno Office Market Analysis

  This post is about the state of the office market in Downtown and its issues. You can read about the future demand for office space and the market’s potential, here.   CURRENT TENANT MIX Employment centers in the City of Fresno. A wide range of businesses, typically, move to major job centers, because it will increase their sales. It is difficult attracting businesses to an area that has not grown, like Downtown. Downtown Fresno has a high concentration... Read More

Downtown Fresno Office Market Potential

  The following post is about the expectations Strategic Economics (SE) has made about the office market in downtown Fresno. You can read about the current state of the market, here.   POTENTIAL TENANTS View of the County Courthouse from a Pacific Southwest loft. The government will continue to occupy a huge percentage of office space in downtown. This could potentially increase the demand for nearby retail, office, and residential space. Government:... Read More

Downtown Fresno Housing Market Analysis

  View of Downtown Fresno from a loft in the Pacific Southwest Building. You can see the cars on Fwy 41, driving to and from the suburbs. The new owner plans to renovate three stories into lofts within three years. Strategics Economics (SE) put together a market analysis report of Downtown Fresno. This post serves a summary of  SE’s findings for the housing market in Downtown Fresno and its potential.   CURRENT DEMAND The majority of housing, in... Read More

Downtown Fresno Retail/Entertainment Analysis

  Southeast side of the Chuckchansi Park at the Fulton Mall. The City completed the baseball stadium in 2002 to serve as an anchor for the area and increase economic activity. It does not operate at its economic full potential. Strategics Economics (SE) put together a market analysis report of Downtown Fresno. This post serves a summary of  SE’s findings for the retail market in Downtown Fresno and the market’s future demand.   CURRENT CONDITIONS Downtown... Read More