Taylor Barry, Dream. Explore. Discover.

“I’m just your average teenage girl writing about stuff nobody talks about, but people need to know.”   Taylor Barry (left) is a recent UHS graduate and has a blog about issues of being a teenager. Meet Taylor Barry. Taylor was born and raised in Fresno. She recently graduated from University High School and started her own blog, Dream. Explore. Discover. Her blog discusses taboos that teenage girls struggle with, but are too embarrassed to... Read More

Nick Dolezal, Restaurnaut

“Don’t expect to live off of performing. You should want to play music to have fun and meet people.” Nick sings and plays the ukelele in his one-man band, Restuarnaut   Meet Nick Dolezal. Nick is a local musician from Siloam Springs, a small town of about 15,000 people in Northwest Arkansas. Nick lives in Clovis. I first met Nick at Old Town Clovis Farmers Market while he was promoting his first show in Fresno. He was very nice and even charmed... Read More

Stan Kato, The Grape Tray

“The population is large in Fresno but there is still a tight-knit feeling.” Stan Kato, owner of The Grape Tray. Meet Stan Kato. Stan owns The Grape Tray, a wine cellar and sandwich shop in Fresno. When you walk in, there’s a large wine selection. In the back is a popular little deli featuring nifty gourmet-style sandwiches. Before Stan bought The Grape Tray, he was a financial manager at a big corporation in Los Angeles. “Everything was fine,”... Read More

Dan Martin, Fresno Urban

Dan of stresses the importance of having a blog in Fresno, because “as residents, it is our duty to do Fresno justice.” Dan Martin of Fresno Urban. Meet Dan Martin. He created a local blog called Fresno Urban. The focus of Fresno Urban is to spread support for downtown revitalization, to help people get around downtown and to get Fresnans to use downtown as the hub it was meant to be. While Dan and his partner Mike also share their experience as a gay... Read More